St Tropez Luxury Property Market.

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Saint Tropez symbolizes possibly one of the most "must have" luxury real estate hotspots in the world.

It doesn't matter what the world market does it appears that Saint Tropez is untouched and continues...

There are two varieties of customers who have a property interest in St Tropez:

Buyers of Luxury Villas, Hotels, Apartments and Building Land. Villas are in all probability the biggest sellers in St Tropez with prices ranging from €2M up to and over €100M.

Honestly if you haven't yet purchased your "pied de terre", or even more prestigious your own "pied dans l'eau" (literally foot in the water), then honestly you have not yet arrived...

Areas of interest include Saint Tropez itself, Grimaud, Gassin, Ramatuelle and Le Croix Valmer.

Prices for villas in this sought after location can easily run from €10,000 per week to well over €100,000 per week in the peak season.

Most renters have to book at the very least a year in advance to get the opportunity at these over subscribed gems as "the season" is a need to do for most of the worlds elite.

No matter whether buying or renting in Saint Tropez it is "the season" that counts and quite a few might say that the luxury property market was established by Sophia Loren a long time ago but it is perpetuated today still by the worlds rich and famous alike.

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